A series written by : Xavier Vairé & Charlotte Joulia
Running time : 24 x 26 min

A production : AT-Séries & Films TV

As about 30 other candidates, Tom, Elena, Adam, Agathe and Marius integrate the Walaxy program of the Belgian Space Agency to recruit future Belgian astronauts. The goal, the moon, used as a back base fore more distant missions…

To celebrate this events, the candidates find themselves in discotheque. But the party goes wrong when returning by car, Adam, Tom, Agathe, Marius and Elena, drunk, accidentally overturn a young woman. Determined not to see their dream of space exploration break down, the five candidates fled… Later, they will discover that this young woman is the daughter of the Walaxy program director !

From this party, everyone will have to keep this secret, but also have to help his « accomplices ». A pact will be formed between them : if one fails Walaxy, all the other fall with him ! Ready for anything to succeed, the apprentices astronauts will not hesitate to dismiss anything that gets in their way, starting with the other competitors.