Le silence de l’Epervier

Directed by Dominique Ladoge
8 x 52 min

Casting :
Line Renaud - Margot Vivier-Lefort
Florence Thomassin - Anne Vivier
Michaël Lonsdale - Antoine Carsac

An AT-Séries & Films TV / LM Productions / RTBF / France 2 coproduction

Le Silence de L’Épervier offers, as in a kaleidoscope, the vision of The Vivier and The Carsac destinies, two important families located in the Bordeaux region, and united, for better or for worse, since the Second World War. On the death of her sister, Margot Vivier, temperamental woman who combines qualities of heart and head, decides indeed, despite the tragedy that 35 years ago drove her far from the business, to take the reins of Great West Newspaper founded by his father, to ensure it's sustainability while shedding light on the shadows that have irrevocably corrupted - she will learn it day after day - the links between the two families for a half a century.