Clem (Season 1 to 8)

Directed by Joyce Bunuel
2010 untill now
30 x 90 min

Casting :
Lucie Lucas : Clémentine, dite Clem
Victoria Abril : Caroline
Laurent Gamelon : Jean-Paul
Mathieu Spinosi : Julien
Benoît Michel : Jérome
Mathis Patricio : Valentin
Philippe Lellouche : Xavier

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Merlin production / TF1 / RTBF coproduction

At sixteen, Clem discovers she's pregnant, already since fourteen weeks. Having no choice, she must carry her pregnancy to terms and decides to keep the baby. Her circle, especially her parents, will try to best manage the situation. But it is not easy to stay cool when you learn that your sixteen year old girl will be a mother. An it's even harder to preserve family harmony.
Between unwillingness, misunderstandings, laughter and tears, Clem and his family will learn to handle this delicate situation, as close as reality, emotion and the right tone. For if becoming a mother at sixteen is a difficult venture, to face the storm while never ceasing to be a happy family is not easy either.