La loi selon Bartoli

Directed by Charlotte Brändström
3x90 min

Stéphane Freiss - Christophe Lawrence Bartoli
Alexia Barlier - Nadia Martinez
Philippe Bas - François Cappa
Lionnel Astier - Jean-Marie Olmeta

An AT-Séries & Films TV / LittleBig / TF1 / RTBF coproduction

My name is Paul Lawrence Bartoli, examining magistrate. A function that honors me but wich I cannot stand the codes. So I decided not to follow it. I'm said on the fringe ... It's true, but Am I not also unexpected, effective and ... charming ?
My job: to shed light on the defendant's guilt, but mainly on his personality. The experience I gained in the corridors and rooms of Law Courts is no match ! I must say that I only like the difficult and sensitive cases
My motto: I focus on the individual rather than on evidence of his guilt. Not common. The murderers and their complex psychology intrigues me and make me think all the time. This is why I do this job.
Share my daily life in La lois selon Bartoli and dive into the many cases that I floored, inspired by the great variety of facts that have hit the French judicial reviews.