Frank Riva

Directed by Patrick Jamain
6x90 min

Alain Delon - Frank Riva
Jacques Perrin - Xavier Unger
Sophie von Kessel - Commissaire Lydie Herzog

An AT-Séries & Films TV / PM Production, France 2, RTL TVI coproduction

in the 70's, Riva, undercover cop dismantled the "French connection" Following the trial, a price is offered for his head by the mafia. He decides then to dissapear. Some witnesses prentend to have seen him in asia, south america... Years later, in France, a man named Frank Riva arrives, determined to find out who killed the superintendent Rezzoni, witch is no one elsa that his brother.
He will find his youthful romance, Catherine, who he left behind few years earlier without a note. He will also meet Nina, his daughter, that he will have to get to know. But his tumultuous past will resurface during the investigation....