Murders in avignon

A film of Stéphan Kappes
Written by : Armelle et Emmanuel Patron
Running time : 90 min

Casting :
Catherine Jacob
Laetitia Milot
Farouk Bermouga

A co-production with : Made in PM / AT-Prod / RTBF
Supported by : France télévision / TV5 monde / RTS

Avignon, thanks to the work in the great pontifical library of popes palace, workers found the famous secret vault, built to protect the pope Benoit XIII, at the end of XIV century. This jewel is accompanied of a macabre new, a woman skeleton.

Laurence Ravel, Commander at the criminal police, is in charge to this investigation. His niece, Julie Ravel, 25 years old, join the team. This stage will allow to end his thesis for obtain her criminal profiling diploma. During the investigation, methods and personalities of this 2 women will confront and will complete each other.
The found skeleton is the one of Isabelle blanchard, Laurence’s childhood friend.
The next day, an other skeleton is found, atrociously mutilated, in the chapel of the penitents. This time, it is a second laurence’s childhood friend : Pascal Ledoux

These murders are link ? Do they have anything to do with his band of high school friends ?
Laurence and Julie will plunge deep into the terrible history of the inquisition and their torture, but also to their own history