The law of Simon

A film by Didier le Pêcheur
Written by Celine and Martin Guyot
Running time : 90 min

Casting :
Daniel Prévost,
Nicolas Gob,
Chloé Stéfani

A co-production with Fit Production / AT-Prod / France Télévision / RTBF
Supported by : TV5 Monde / RTS

Simon Varlet is a brillant and cynical lawyer, more sensitive to the price of his fees that the interest for the justice or the respect of the ethics. Overwrought by his overflows , his president put him for defended a young priest accused of killing one of his parishioners

Not too much concerned by this case, and allergic to religions like every ideal, Simon is convinced that is customer is guilty… But he agrees to plead the acquittal in the assize court, missing incontestable proofs should allow for the tenor of the bar to sow doubt in the minds of jurors. But nothing will goes as planned….