Murder in Grasses

A film by Karim Ouaret
Written by Killian Arthur and Nicolas Jones-Gorlin
Running time : 90 min

Casting :
Laurie Pester,
Annie Gergorio,
Samy Gharbi

A co-production with Fontaram Productions / AT-Prod / France Télévision / RTBF
Supported by : TV5 monde / CNC / RTS

In Grasse, a body coat with burning fat is discover in a flushing tank.
A tattoo, find on the victim, orient the investigation toward the legend of the 13e note, mythical graal of perfumers, which the origin is the ancient Egyp. The commandant Marianne Dusseyre will have to team, despite herself, with her ex step daughter, the young Sophie Mournel, for find the truth