La prophétie d’Avignon

Directed by David Delrieux
90 min

Louise Mono - Estelle
François Perrot - Louis, ancien gardien du Palais des Papes ; il est persuadé qu'Estelle est l'élue.
Guillaume Cramoisan - Olivier Royal

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Merlin Productions / RTBF / France 2 coproduction

It all began on a full moon night in the largest gothic palace in Europe, the "palais des papes", palace of the popes in Avignon. A gargoyle from one of the covered way seemed to spring to life and released a mysterious glowing sphere which fell at the feet of a young night watchman. By sunrise, the young man dies in a car crash. The sphere itself had dissapear. It is that very same night that the fate of Estelle Esperanza, 28 and curator assistant of the "palais des papes" changes forever....