Fausses Innocences

Directed by André Chandelle
90 min

Hélène de Fougerolles - Mathilda Stembert
Thierry Godard - Roger Muller
Jean-Paul Comart - André Stembert
Geneviève Mnich - Madeline Muller

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Pampa Production / RTBF / Fance2 coproduction

The day comes Mathilda Stembert declare the death of her husband, who died accidentally in Bulgaria, Roger Muller, the mayor of a small town, can not ignore that she is lying. The previous day, during a stormy night, he remember convincing the doctor Stembert not to leave his wife to join his mistress. Roger Müller deeply loves Mathilda Stembert since adolescence. Should he demand an investigation for this unlikely accidental death, or rather, accept the words of the woman he secretly loves?